Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Index Of: Hotteen.jpeg I Was Working On A Site For SEO And Google Took It Out Of It's Index. I Can't Figure Out What I Did Wrong?

I was working on a site for SEO and Google took it out of It's Index. I can't figure out what I did wrong? - index of: hotteen.jpeg

to do for them. He sent a number of possible reasons, which was in my group of webmasters, but not sure what I did. The site is dougkaplan.wordpress.com


Jon said...

Looks like you've hit the "google." Are you blogging with your Web site or the publication of your blogs regularly? If you ... wordpress pings all the time (), even the smallest change and sometimes you're beaten into Google. There are many other reasons than those. It's really hard to say. The other answers are good points. I do not think you're building or promoting links too fast, but. Index, usually within 10 to 30 minutes with new websites and domains. I build backlinks quickly and do not know yet. When you see, read blogs blog ping optimizer max press and your item, you affect how you ping negative. It is a plugin for WordPress. Good luck to you

SEO said...

You need a confirmation page to access your site. You can do it via HTML or a particular purpose. If there is a free site Wordpress.com, here's the trick:

1. Subscribe to Google Webmaster review and select the HTML validation. Copy the googlexxxxxxxx.com "sentence.
2. In your WordPress panel, create a page titled "googlexxxxxxxx.com publish it.
3. Return to your Google Webmaster account and click the Check () via HTML.

Em said...

Site has been classified at baseline (Google Page Rank)? What is the rank of the page now? Is your website with original content (content that you can not find another site, you may not) the content. Not recommended that a professional website with a free provider such as wordpress.com Suichi same, but it depends on what you use the site.

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